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Image consulting is about people: How to be seen in the right way?

Image consulting is a tool used to help people develop a more positive and confident personal image. Image consulting can be used by companies, brands, and organizations, but its main focus is on people.

Personal image is an important factor in how people are perceived by others. Through image consulting, it is possible to work on aspects such as personal style, physical appearance, body language, and verbal communication, so that the person can present themselves in a more assertive and confident way.

Image consulting involves a detailed analysis of the person's current image, as well as a definition of the goals to be achieved from a dive into their preferences, personality, and lifestyle. The development of strategies focuses on improving aspects such as the choice of clothing, makeup, hairstyle, posture, voice, and body language. The identification process is essential in establishing a coherent and authentic representation of your identity. But how does it apply in practice?

Be the best version of yourself. How image consulting can be beneficial to you.

Image consulting aims to help you find the best version of yourself, taking into consideration your individual characteristics. Investing in yourself can bring benefits both personally and professionally: a positive and confident personal image can help a person stand out in job interviews, business meetings, and public presentations. It can also contribute greatly to self-esteem.

How do you intend to be perceived? What is the intended message you intend to convey through your visual representation? These are questions that are with us constantly, even if they are unconscious. The act of selecting an outfit can, without our conscious awareness, serve to convey our current emotional state. Who hasn't worn more basic, neutral, and comfortable clothes when they feel more discouraged? When you received good news and desired to enhance your appearance with additional colours and accessories?

It is no surprise that we refer to your image as a reflection of your internal identity. It is a means of expressing your personal identity, feelings, and sensations. And image consulting is specifically designed to put intention into practice. What are you aiming to communicate? What is the message you are trying to convey? Who is the target audience?

Having an authentic, adequate, and attractive personal image requires a continuous process of evaluating and controlling the impact of that image. With the proper guidance and tools, it can open many doors in your life.

Image Consulting: The secret to achieving the perception you desire is

Do you understand how Image Consulting works? It consists of three pillars: appearance, behaviour, and communication. Yes, we don't only consider what you wear. The power of communication extends beyond verbal communication to include posture, behaviour, speech, gesture, and listening skills.

We understand that it only takes a few seconds to create a first impression of someone, which is why it is so essential to know how to direct what message you want to convey. Please check out this post on my blog, which I'm sure will help you to reflect a little more about what the main objective of your image is: O poder da primeira impressão: o porquê ter em mente o objetivo da sua imagem pessoal é importante

But how does the Consultancy function?? Initially, your values, goals, work and style are defined in order to communicate them through your look. This becomes a strategy that is used to create presence and authority, reinforcing the message you want to convey. The analysis will enhance your decision-making process, thereby increasing the likelihood of making future purchases with greater awareness. Additionally, you will be more likely to utilize the items you purchase.

Consulting provides insight into how to create a more efficient closet by removing items you no longer use, analysing your priorities when making new purchases, and reducing the time spent selecting looks. And the most important thing is that you develop your style. Your critical and aesthetic sensibilities will naturally develop, resulting in a more expressive style. This empowers you with the confidence to express your true self.

You can transform your image and conquer the world.

How to show that Image Consulting is a tool that can change things without bringing some famous examples?

Kate Middleton

At the beginning of her relationship with Prince William, in the early 2000s, Kate used to bet on a more casual style, something more natural and sporty in her compositions. Kate adopted a more conservative style as her engagement and marriage approached, leaving aside her joviality.

From 2019 onwards, the person responsible for Kate's style has been Virginia Chadwyck-Healey. And with the beginning of the partnership between the two, Kate Middleton appeared with a lighter style with sporty touches, yet very conservative.

Meghan Markle

Before the Royal Family, Meghan was usually betting on sexy style, but she began adopting the elegant and more conservative style that the Duchess of Sussex required. Maria Means Cote was the person responsible for Meghan's new closet, and together they managed to transform her style without losing her identity.

Despite not working as a Duchess, she has kept the most elegant style, bringing just a little more sportiness and lightness to this new phase.

Sabrina Sato

Sabrina Sato, a Brazilian television personality who gained prominence through the 2013 television program Pânico na TV, has established herself as a fashion icon. She was the host of the Vogue carnival ball and was a highly anticipated guest. Sabrina's style has evolved over the years, incorporating contemporary, sexy, and creative elements. She ensures that her personality is reflected in her clothing.

Understanding your style makes all the difference. The image consultancy can help you do it! For a transformative experience, please explore my services at

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