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Individual Mentoring

We offer personalized mentorships to meet your specific needs in several areas:

  • Personal branding: Stand out and build your personal brand.

  • Digital Positioning: Learn how to stand out online.

  • Branding for influencers: Leverage your influence and reach.

  • Branding for entrepreneurs: Strengthen your business brand.

  • Branding for Career Transition: Navigate new paths with confidence.

  • Branding for your company/business online: Leverage your digital presence.

The number of sessions is tailored to your needs and goals.

Schedule a free conversation so we can understand your needs!

Image Architecture

Our image and style architecture work is practical, functional and personalized. We will analyze your intentions and values to create an authentic image. Discover how to position yourself and communicate your messages through your own style. Develop an image that reflects who you are, absorbing different aesthetic references.

In fact, the first impression is not who you are, but it can determine whether the other will be interested in hearing or knowing more about you.

Schedule a free conversation so we can understand your needs!


The number of sessions is customized based on your needs and objectives.

Book a complimentary consultation to better understand your requirements!

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