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Different archetypes can be valuable allies to your leadership style and transform your career

Archetypes do not define our way of being, yet it's undeniable that the archetypal characteristics inherent to our nature can be valuable allies in enhancing our skills and the way we express ourselves.

What is your predominant management style and how do you intend to integrate it to forge your path in the corporate universe?

Have you considered how the different facets of your personality might influence your management approach and chart the course of your career? If you aim to build a distinct professional identity that stands out in a highly competitive environment, allow me to guide you. Embracing these facets can be crucial for your success in the professional realm.

Management styles and their influence on leadership:

There is an intrinsic connection between management styles and leadership, rooted in understanding the patterns of human behaviour that dictate how managers communicate, make decisions, and lead their teams. Here are some of the prominent management styles:

  • The visionary manager: This profile is marked by the ability to look ahead, identify future trends, and drive teams towards ambitious goals. With this style, you can lead groundbreaking initiatives and encourage your team to innovate.

  • The mentor manager: Concentrated on the development of others, this style emphasises building lasting relationships and collective progress. Such a focus is essential for organisations that value the enhancement of their workforce.

  • The executor manager: Efficiency and quick decision-making are the hallmarks of this style. This profile is critical for companies requiring immediate action and tangible outcomes.

  • The humanitarian manager: This style highlights social responsibility and ethical business conduct. It is perfect for leaders seeking to align ethical principles with sustainable practices.

According to Prestupa (2008, p. 04):
“… the correct identification of an individual's management style can enable them to follow, with confidence and less effort, the professional path that most resonates with their innate qualities, manage their career, and achieve greater success in their roles. Recognising your management style promotes self-awareness, which leads to better social integration and greater personal satisfaction. Besides the mentioned advantages, such discernment is also beneficial in processes like team formation, career development, training and managerial formation, support during restructuring, conflict management, communication improvement, professional realignment, and as support in the final stages of recruitment and selection.”

If you aspire to a striking professional identity and wish to become a benchmark in the corporate world, understanding and embracing the different management styles is vital. Each can shape your journey in a unique way.

Now that you are aware of the impact of management styles, it is time to take control. Regardless of your style, remember that authenticity is the key to success.

Do not leave your professional branding to chance. Contact me for tailored advice on how to leverage your management style for a fruitful career. Together, we will create a plan that sets you apart in the market and leads you to new professional heights.


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