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Branding is behaviour: The cornerstone of career building in Personal Branding

You may have heard that first impressions last. But when it comes to building a successful career, the first impression is just the beginning. The real differentiator lies in what you do next, and that's where personal branding comes into play. Let's discuss the importance of branding as an essential behaviour in constructing a robust and impactful career in the world of personal branding.

What Is Personal Branding?

In simple terms, personal branding is the art of managing your own brand as if it were a business. It's about how you present yourself to the world, how others perceive you, and, most importantly, how you differentiate yourself from the competition. In the context of career building, personal branding is the foundation upon which you will build your professional reputation and identity.

Branding is behaviour

Many people associate branding solely with logos, colours, and brand images, but it goes far beyond that. Branding is, in fact, a reflection of your behaviour, values, and authenticity. Here's how this applies to career-building:

Consistency is Key: Consistent behaviour is essential to building a strong personal brand. Be consistent in your work ethic, values, communication, and appearance. This helps people trust you and understand what to expect.

Authenticity Attracts Connections: People are naturally drawn to authenticity. Be yourself, and people will connect more easily with you. This translates into more genuine connections and more meaningful career opportunities.

Communicate Your Unique Value Proposition: Your behaviour should communicate your unique value proposition. What do you excel at? How does it benefit others? Ensure that your personal brand makes it clear why you are the right choice.

Smart Adaptation: While consistency is important, you should also be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market or your industry. Your behaviour should reflect a capacity for continuous learning and adaptation.

Career building through Personal Branding

Now that we understand that personal branding is about behaviour, how can we apply it to career building?

Build Strong Relationships: Relationships are fundamental in any career. Be a good colleague, and mentor, listen to others, and build solid relationships based on trust and respect.

Position Yourself as an Expert: Be passionate about your field of expertise and demonstrate your knowledge. Write articles, participate in events, and share your knowledge with others.

Manage Your Online Presence: Your online presence is a significant extension of your personal branding. Ensure that your behaviour on social media and other online platforms is congruent with your personal brand.

Learn from Feedback: Be open to constructive feedback. Use it to adjust and improve your behaviour and personal brand over time.

Building a successful career in the field of personal branding is more than just appearance and marketing. It's about consistent, authentic, and strategic behaviour that creates a lasting impression and attracts opportunities. Branding is an ongoing journey, and every action you take contributes to building your personal brand. So, be deliberate, be authentic, and build your career on a solid foundation of branding.

Everton Tadeu

Personal Branding


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