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The Charms of Quiet Luxury: quality, success and Sustainability +

In recent years, we have seen a shift in what people consider to be luxury. Consumers are increasingly seeking products and brands that demonstrate superior quality, simplicity, consistency, and sustainability. When it comes to luxury, Quiet Luxury is a discreet and elegant luxury that values quality, attention to detail, and environmental responsibility.

In this article, we will explore the concept of quiet luxury, its distinctive characteristics, and the reasons for its enduring popularity in fashion. Are you looking forward to exploring further together?

Quiet luxury

Logomania communicates, “Do you know who I am?” while quiet luxury says, “if you know, you know.” Brands like Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Loewe, Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and Isabel Marant have already embraced this trend, and you can probably guess that this “silent luxury” comes from expensive pieces and a minimalism that screams glamour even in a subtle way.

But what is this trend in practice? It involves mixing an expensive coat with a vintage and loose-fitting pair of jeans, wearing several shades of beige at the same time, and wearing an expensive watch that is partly hidden but still makes a statement. It's about quality over quantity and investing in pieces that will last longer (and make a difference in your look).

We understand that not everyone can afford to spend so much on clothing or accessories, and that's why we may need to think about luxury differently.

What is the true meaning of luxury, then?

How do we define luxury? Is it a dynamic and constantly evolving concept? Does the perspective vary depending on your personal perspective? Do you think it is influenced by the rarity of products? Does it reflect your skills?

Perhaps the indicator of Quiet Luxury is more about your stance, your confidence, and your credibility. From this perspective, you create a luxurious and powerful image of yourself. In the end, what you wear only conveys who you are.

True luxury is feeling comfortable in what you wear and feeling good in your own skin, regardless of the trends or social pressures. From this, we can identify a quiet luxury that does not rely exclusively on an expensive item. But rather, something more fluid that stimulates our creativity in putting together outfits from our closet. The movement's central focus on sustainability is therefore more logical.

Luxury can be associated with quality, durability, and timelessness, rather than quantity. We consider basic, versatile pieces in monochromatic, sober, and earthy tones that are easier to combine and create a functional wardrobe—contrasting with printed, vibrant, and saturated colours.

What was the source of the trend?

Since the 90s, the movement has been pleasing people who prefer a more simple and elegant look. The shift in consumer values is cited as a significant contributor to the growth of the fashion and lifestyle trend.

As people become more aware of their impact on the environment and society, they are looking for brands that value sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly seeking products that are more exclusive and personalized, thereby abandoning the notion of fashion consumption.

“Less is more” — Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The minimalistic approach to fashion makes perfect sense within the Quiet Luxury trend. Simple composition with a statement piece, tailored clothing, neutral colours mixed with a touch of colour, or a striking accessory with a neutral base. All of these elements bring a sense of elegance without requiring much. Quiet Luxury is capable of expressing a sense of style without displaying a high level of expense.

“Less is more” is related to minimalism, the choice of basic and timeless pieces in neutral colours and high-quality fabrics. The goal is to invest in clothes that can be worn on different occasions and have a longer lifespan, instead of accumulating complicated pieces and following trends.

When it comes to essentials, it is possible to have a functional wardrobe that will bring greater peace and well-being. Who hasn't been overcome with anxiety when faced with the prospect of a lacklustre outfit for a special occasion?

Is it for everyone?

Quiet luxury can be accessible to a wide audience. The pursuit of conscious consumption and environmental responsibility requires the accessibility of fashion trends. Even without taking away this important layer of the trend, you will only be left with the valuation of luxury brand pieces. Fashion is capable of transcending traditional boundaries.

Fashion brands that offer high-quality, distinctively designed clothing at affordable prices are able to attract a broader audience. However, many other luxury brands remain prohibitively priced and beyond the reach of the majority of consumers.

Quiet luxury is for people who value quality and attention to detail. If you identify with it, it might reflect your personal style? It can be an attractive alternative for those who are looking for simplicity and sustainability without giving up on luxury products and experiences. In order to help you, I brought you some very interesting inspiration.

Don't you feel like diving into this trend?

The increasing popularity of quiet luxury is a trend that brands should consider if they wish to establish a distinct position within the current market.

The trend of quiet luxury combines sophisticated luxury with social consciousness, assuring inclusive products and experiences that respect the environment and communities involved in its production. There is a possibility of change for a new future.

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