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RISE is an acronym that encapsulates the core components of personal brand building: Recognition, Identity, Singularity, and Expression. Each term has been thoughtfully selected to denote a specific stage of the journey. 'Recognition' serves as the foundational step, aiding you in understanding your current position. 'Identity' builds upon this, crystallizing the essence of who you are.

'Singularity' underscores your distinct attributes, whereas 'Expression' illuminates the ways to showcase your brand to the world, both authentically and persuasively. Beyond its literal meaning, RISE also embodies an aspirational sentiment, implying an ascent or upward trajectory towards realizing the zenith of your personal or business branding potential.

Por que escolher a nossa mentoria?

  • Experiência Comprovada: Como mentor, trago meus pontos fortes e vasta experiência para te guiar em cada passo.

  • Metodologia Exclusiva: O método R.I.S.E é único e foi desenvolvido com base em anos de pesquisa e prática.

  • Jornada Colaborativa: Analisemos e planejar juntos, garantindo que você tenha um plano claro, com metas e projeções.

  • Comunicação Clara: Aprenda a se comunicar eficazmente, fechando mais clientes e aumentando seu ticket médio.

The methodology is implemented over multiple sessions, with the choice of individual or group mentoring.

  • Pioneering the Self: Anamnesis — Self-knowledge and Purpose

  • Authentic Expression: Identity Step

  • Strategic Vision — Analysis and Planning

  • Stand Out from the Crowd — Brand Differentials

  • Discover Your Archetypal Essence — Definition of Archetypes 

  • Understand how the world sees you — External Perception Survey

  • Create your visual brand — Design and Style

  • Enchantment of Narrative- Storytelling and Pitch

  • Powerful Connections: Networking and Online Positioning

  • Mapping Success: Mapping R.I.S.E method

  • Your Success on the Rise: Tracking and Evolving

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Mentors will also have access to 3 assessments:

Through the assessment tools, it is possible to assess personal characteristics and skills, such as:

  • Logical reasoning;

  • Focused attention;

  • Emotional intelligence;

  • Verbal ability;

  • Numerical skills, among others.

Está pronto para a transformação?

Não perca mais tempo! Preencha o formulário abaixo e registre seu interesse em fazer parte da próxima turma de mentoria R.I.S.E.

Obrigado(a) por se registrar. Nos vemos lá!

Join us on this brand transformation journey and make your mark

Futuristic Vision” — Expand your vision and explore new possibilities for growing your brand.

“Immersive Experience” — We offer unique experiences to deepen your learning and transformation.

Count on the expert support of our team for guidance and advice on your journey.

Stand out as a professional:

  • Create authority in your area of expertise;

  • Strengthen your values and purpose;

  • Increase your competitiveness with experienced professionals;

  • Expand your network of contacts;

  • Create enriching opportunities and experiences.

Whether you're in a career transition, are an influencer or are looking to strengthen your online image and positioning, we're here to help.

For your company:

  • Build a coherent and consistent trajectory;

  • Create possibilities for the growth of your company;

  • Have a clear and objective brand strategy.

Our differentials to create a strong personal brand:

  • Specialized assistance in several areas;

  • Personalized service;

  • Find professional fulfillment;

  • Be part of an exclusive community with specialized content about branding and personal branding.


The number of sessions is customized based on your needs and objectives.

Book a complimentary consultation to better understand your requirements!

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