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Visagist architecture

Visagist architecture

Imaging solutions for image adequacy and harmonization

Visagismo comes from the French word “Visage”, which means face. And “Ismo” which means Concept.

Through visagism techniques, we will create imagery solutions to adapt and harmonize the image, associated with beautification resources, aiming to meet the client's desire for image, since our face is responsible for 70% of our non-verbal image. Because a person's identity is revealed in the face.

A concept that uses several tools and techniques to identify and analyse facial proportions, in order to express the best in a person.

We will create suggestions for the client's identity and personal image aligned with the purpose and essence, respecting the natural characteristics, aligned with aesthetic harmony. Offering a unique and personalized service, according to your communication objective and guided in the most assertive choices.

When we get to know each other and understand our proportions, we feel more confident about our personal and professional choices.

Want to know a little more?

We can set up a completely free conversation, where we will understand your pain, we will know where you want to go and I will explain the whole process of how we will work.


Imaging solutions for image adequacy and harmonization

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