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Personal colouring — Online

Personal colouring — Online

Personal Colour Analysis

Personal Colour Analysis is a process in which we analyse — through a comparative test — which colours best harmonize with your natural beauty.

We discover the colours that enhance you, make your skin brighter and healthier. In the same way, we also notice which are the colours that least favour you and leave you with a tired look, with a heavier appearance.

It is a process of deep self-knowledge, in which we value what is yours, your own beauty! You will understand how your skin reacts to each colour, it goes far beyond discovering your palette or season.

There are several Personal Colouring methods on the market. The method I use is the Expanded Seasonal Personal Colour Method.

Some of the advantages of doing the Personal Colouring Analysis.

1. You are naturally better looking

2. Match colours without fear of making mistakes

3. More assertive purchases = money savings

4. Functional wardrobe

5. Customizing the delivery of the Card

We know that each person is unique, therefore, the card is delivered individually according to their characteristics, lifestyle, image intent, natural colour and essence. After taking your test and discovering the card, I will teach you:

How to use colours that are not in your palette to your advantage

What are the best colours for your desire/image placement

How to combine colours without fear of making mistakes using the chromatic circle

  • The best shades for your hair

  • The Best Makeup Shades — If Applicable

  • The accessories that value you the most

  • How to use prints

  • Custom design with style references and colour image placement

Want to know a little more?

We can set up a completely free conversation, where we will understand your pain, we will know where you want to go and I will explain the whole process of how we will work.


Personal Color Analysis

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