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Image architecture

Image architecture

Position yourself through your own style.

Individually, the work is done to teach you how to position yourself through your own style, making purchases with confidence and developing your sense of image.

The objective is for you to understand how to build an image with the intention of communicating the sensations and messages you desire, with priority being given to absorbing different aesthetic references, not just those that are validated by fashion…

Having a good picture doesn't take months or years once you have the answers you need. Learn to finally be your best version in a harmonic way, with aesthetics and balance between forms.

Why invest in your image and style architecture?

In fact, the first impression is not who you are, but it can determine whether others will be interested in hearing or knowing more about you.

Many still believe that taking care of your image and clothing may seem superficial, however, this can determine your professional success and help all other areas of your life. Having self-awareness about who you are and how you dress helps you significantly transform your life.

What is image and style architecture work?

In a practical, functional and individual way, since we already understand how you would like to position yourself through style, I will direct self-knowledge about your own image, and we will reflect on how this recreation will be carried out. An objective analysis will be made of your image intention, always respecting your values and how you feel when you dress.

In addition, we will carry out three more important studies to adapt to your demands: personal colouring to understand which colours value and empower your image; morphology to learn more about your body and wardrobe; and, finally, a journey in search of your style personality.

We will work on these points in 5 virtual meetings, the last one for the presentation of your project.

And if you are interested, feel free to learn about other services, such as rebuilding your wardrobe or personal shopper (online purchases).

Want to know a little more?

We can set up a completely free conversation, where we will understand your pain, we will know where you want to go and I will explain the whole process of how we will work.


Position yourself through your own style.

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