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Architecture of suitcases

architecture of suitcases

Travel bag planning.

I help you to prepare your suitcase in an uncomplicated way, so that it is really efficient, versatile and organized.

I've always travelled a lot and I understand the struggle when it comes to packing a suitcase in an effective and practical way, depending on the location of the trip, weather and schedule. Choosing what we should put in the suitcase, in fact, is not easy. 

Sometimes we wear a lot of clothes that we don't use, and sometimes we don't wear a lot of clothes and then we miss several pieces, sometimes causing us to have unnecessary expenses due to lack of planning.

I'll teach you how to plan step by step, helping you to take only what you need and not miss anything during your trip. You'll learn how to plan and organize your bags, as well as how to sort the right items and outfits for your destination.

We recommend that this service be requested within 15 to 20 days of travel.

Let's pack this bag and travel more peaceful then?

And if you are interested, we also work with travel planning. In this planning I put all the experience I acquired traveling over the years to more than 40 countries, tourism and work trips. Assistance in assembling the itinerary, researching accommodation, better transport, country rules regarding visas, allowed medications, among other things. We set up an exclusive itinerary, within your taste and available budget.

Want to know a little more?

We can set up a completely free conversation, where we will understand your pain, we will know where you want to go and I will explain the whole process of how we will work.


Travel and itinerary planning

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